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Are you seeking change in your life? Perhaps you want renewed impetus and direction? Or maybe you’re looking for more meaning – a chance to rediscover your true purpose and passion?

As we live for longer, we’re facing more challenges and possibilities than ever before. These days we can have multiple careers, learn new skills and take life in all kinds of exciting directions. But many of us feel trapped and frustrated. We know we want to make a change, yet we’ve never learned how to manage significant life transitions.

iOpener is a transformative personal development programme from i-coach that will guide and support you as you step back, reflect on what matters to you and map out a more meaningful future. It then equips you with essential life skills that enable you to continually evolve and embrace change, whatever form it takes.

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Is iOpener for me?

If you’ve ever thought:

  • My life is at a crossroads and I don’t know which way to turn
  • There’s no longer meaning in my life, work or relationships
  • There’s a lack of joy and intimacy in my life
  • I feel stuck but I don’t know how to make a change
  • I want to take action but find it hard to let go of a past I’ve invested in

iOpener can help you:

  • Identify what’s important
  • Abandon limiting thought patterns and beliefs
  • Clarify areas in your life which need attention
  • Build strategies for change

What’s involved?

The four month programme begins with a three-day retreat, followed up by individual one-to-one and small group coaching. During the retreat we’ll help you notice what is important to you at this stage of your life, where you get your energy from and to discover your sense of purpose. We’ll also support you to learn from and – where relevant – let go of unhelpful patterns from your past and sow the seeds for a more fulfilling future. Our aim is to accelerate the learning process, helping you create changes that could take months or even years of conventional coaching.

The stages of the process during the retreat are:


Identify what is important, get in touch with your values, enhance self understanding.


Drop patterns and beliefs that are limiting or no longer relevant, build confidence, reduce anxiety and/or fear.


Clarify which aspects of life needs to change – from work to relationships, health to hobbies.


Build strategies to get you closer to the life you dream about and make sure you’re ready for the next transition.

What will I get from iOpener?

Everyone’s different, so the outcomes vary hugely from person to person. Here are just some of the ways you could benefit:

  • Find the time and space to stop, reflect and prioritise yourself as you prepare to make changes
  • Gain greater clarity on what feels important and make appropriate choices
  • Tap new sources of energy and confidence to take action
  • Learn valuable skills to enable self-renewal and manage transition
  • Develop a plan with clear, actionable steps
  • Make friends to support you on your way

You’ll finish the programme with an increased sense of clarity and purpose. And you’ll also be equipped with key skills to draw on as you enter the next chapter in your life – and the others that will follow.

The team

iOpener has been carefully developed by three specialists in adult learning, personal development, coaching, psychology and organisation development: Caroline Horner, Angela Blacklaw and Neil Rodgers.

As well as holding masters and doctorate qualifications, the team brings a wealth of experience in working with individuals, groups and organisations. We’ve run numerous learning programmes, helping people unlock their potential, manage transitions and find renewed energy and purpose.

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Course details

The four month programme starts with a three-day retreat on the Sussex coast.

During the retreat you will be guided through the four stages of the learning process – reflect, release, visualise and plan. Working with coaches and other participants you will be offered structured experiential activities, small reflective groups and individual conversations to prompt how you feel, experience and make sense of your life and what you need for your next life chapter.

Theoretical frameworks which support understanding of transition will be offered but these are ‘light touch’ and the learning process is predominately reflective and experiential. You will be invited to experiment with different ways of accessing your inner wisdom and to view challenges from a variety of perspectives.

Practices including mindfulness exercises which enable you to get out of your ‘head’ and listen deeply to what is important to you are also part of the process. The retreat is followed by individual and small group coaching to strengthen plans and sustain momentum.

How much?

The programme comprises of:

  • Initial one-to-one consultation prior to the retreat
  • Pre retreat self-assessment and reflection materials
  • Tuition, course materials and support across the 3 day retreat
  • All accommodation and meals throughout the retreat at Florence House in Seaford, East Sussex
  • Two individual follow-up coaching sessions after the retreat
  • Small group support after the retreat

The programme fee is £1,380 (inc. VAT).

There is an additional cost of £420 (inc. VAT) for accommodation and meals throughout the 3-day residential retreat.

The total cost is £1,800 (inc. VAT).
We require a 25% non-refundable deposit to confirm your place.


i-coach aspires to make a difference in the communities in which we work and has a history of offering financial support to those who may not typically gain access to personal development and learning opportunities.  We do not offer 100% bursaries and all participants are expected to make some financial contribution to their programme.  If you believe the iOpener programme is for you and are keen to use this personal development opportunity to support others in your community, please email for a bursary application form.


April 2020

Start: 5pm, Tuesday 21st April
Finish: 4pm, Friday 24th April

October 2019

Please contact us if you wish to attend the 2019 programme.

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How to book

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