Caroline Horner

Caroline is an executive coach, consultant and educator with more than 20 years’ experience in unleashing the potential of individuals, teams and organisations. She specialises in enabling people to create the impact they want on the world and to thrive in times of transition.

An existentialist at heart, Caroline is passionate about helping people find meaning in life. She holds up a mirror, allowing her clients to find out who they really are and empowering them to make challenging life choices. She believes that, deep down, everyone is drawn towards growth and development and that we’re all resourceful and capable of change.

Before founding the i-coach academy and establishing the i-opener programme, Caroline worked in a range of professional roles spanning marketing, communications and management. She always wanted to make a difference so, in 2001, she made the leap into professional coaching and hasn’t looked back.

Caroline holds a Doctorate in Coaching Psychology, an MBA and is an EIA Master Practitioner, certified by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. She is also an accredited mediator.

A life-long learner, Caroline thrives on exploring new things. As well as investing in her professional development, she is currently exploring art history, expressive painting and five-rhythms dancing. Also, after many years of business trips, she is now focused on travel for fun. She’s obsessed with food (eating it as much as cooking), loves jazz, philosophical discussion and entertaining.